Most Popular Scottsdale Kitchen Remodeling Trends For 2014

scottsdale kitchen remodelsThe days of simply repainting your kitchen and calling it good are long gone. Today’s smart and stylish home owner takes kitchen remodeling projects very seriously – and rightfully so. The kitchen has morphed into more than just a place to cook your meals. And this is evident when you look at some of the Scottsdale kitchen remodeling trends starting to show up in homes across the Valley of the Sun.

4 Kitchen Ideas Trending In 2014

To give you an idea of what’s “HOT’ these days, read about the four most popular kitchen remodeling trends that are gaining traction in the greater Scottsdale area.

Built-In Coffee Center

Remember when your coffee pot was that gift given at your wedding? Well today’s modern kitchen remodeling projects begin with creating built-in coffee ‘control centers’ that are designed to brew top-shelf specialty coffee’s at the press of a button. Whether you prefer espresso, cappuccino or a standard cup of traditionally brewed coffee, these sleeks, professionally designed built-in coffee systems are designed to be user friendly, easy to maintain and clean, and most importantly – save valuable counter space in any kitchen. There are several vendors that create these custom coffee centers, so check with your remodeling contractor so see what options, styles and colors are available.

Sculptural Stove Hoods

Once considered as an eye-sore, today’s modern kitchen upgrades feature sleek, stylish and sculpturally designed stove hoods that truly leave a positive mark on anybody who enters your kitchen. Today’s popular stove hoods are no longer bland and boxy; instead they are custom-designed with curvy, sculptured shapes, manufactured out of quality materials like treated glass and stainless steel. Many of these custom stove hoods also feature additional storage area like cup holders and even overhead spice racks; all designed to help improve your overall kitchen experience.

21st Century Cabinetry

Do you remember when kitchen cabinetry was bland, ordinary and designed for one purpose – simply storing plates, cups and other kitchen cooking items? Well, those days are long gone. And today’s stylish kitchens feature advanced cabinetry designs, using modern floating systems that are sometimes concealed behind doors that slide. Some of these new cabinet designs feature touch-latch cabinet fronts that eliminate bulky and often obstructive hardware. They are manufactured using unique materials like bamboo, aluminum and even high-gloss lacquer or semi-translucent glass.

Multipurpose Dual-Fuel Ranges

There used to be a huge debate about which was better – cooking with gas or electric? Well, why not incorporate the best of both worlds by installing dual-fuel kitchen ranges into your Scottsdale kitchen remodeling project. Some of the big players in kitchen range manufacturing began to discover that home owners wanted more ‘bang’ for their remodeling buck and began to offer professionally built ranges that offer both gas and electric power. The style of these multipurpose ranges is vastly improved too with many of them made out of stainless steel and even old-fashioned cast iron.

Hungry For More?10 Additional Kitchen Trends Worth Talking About…

• A neutral palette that’s fresh and compelling. If you aren’t looking for a total redo, a jazzy addition like a contemporary faucet or industrial lighting can update the space with minimal fuss.  This needs to be re-worded, I took it from another website.

• The old faithful black and white kitchen continues to become more and more popular, and is a traditional favorite.

• Hanging industrial type lighting and oversized contemporary lighting has grown in popularity

• Glass mosaic back-splashes with hidden electrical outlets located on the bottom side of the cabinets for a cleaner look.

• Farmhouse sinks continue to also be an old favorite with large commercial grade sprayer type faucets often found in restaurants.

• Destination kitchens such as a French country or Tuscan give the feel that you are in a different location, while feeling warm and cozy.

• Clean lines,  a modern look, and minimalistic functions of faucets continue to be simple and a favorite.

• Breaking up the traditional modern look with warm pallets consisting of a warm colored wood counter top at the island, or warm kitchen backsplash tiles or recycled brick.  Mixing and matching styles has become more and more popular.

• Open shelving with furniture-type corbels and brackets are used to  display knick knacks, etc.

• More people are saving money by keeping the sizes of the kitchen they have, and using their money to upgrade from granite to quartz type countertops that cost a little more but don’t crack and don’t require any maintenance such as sealing.

With any of these popular Scottsdale kitchen remodeling trends, you don’t have to break the bank. In fact, many of these ideas are extremely cost effective kitchen remodeling tips and can save you money on maintenance costs and even on monthly utility bills. No matter what style you’re looking to achieve for your kitchen, it’s always critical to ensure you set goals, set a solid budget and be creative. You’ll be surprised how much you can do and how truly unique you can design any kitchen.