Are There Net-Zero Energy Building Restrictions in Arizona?

Building a green home is one of the best investments you could make as an environmentally conscious homeowner. Built to produce roughly as much energy as they consume, net-zero energy homes can drastically cut down on the high per capita energy consumption in the US. However, not just anyone can decide to build a net-zero home. Certain conditions and regulations must be met to break ground on a new green construction, and if you are not working with the right builders, you may quickly run afoul of some common net-zero energy building restrictions.

Before starting to build a new green home, you should keep the following points in mind to guide you. You should specifically do your best to satisfy each of these requirements well before you break ground on the project. Additionally, Arizona residents with further questions might want to get in touch with green home building contractors in Phoenix for more information.

Does the Land Need Rezoning?

Maintaining proper zoning is crucial to urban development. As cities expand out into the countryside, and population density continues to skyrocket, zoning helps local governments keep order over the land as well as effectively plan future developments. As a result, changing how a given plot of land is zoned is not always the easiest task.

Usually, this means contacting a local government developer’s office and filling out a lot of local, legal paperwork that you will probably have a hard enough time understanding. You might even need to pay certain fees. Then you have to wait to hear if the rezoning actually got approved. Of course, by not following this protocol, your green home could be shut down before you even turn on the lights, so be mindful of the land.

Are You Using Certified Net-Zero Builders?

Net-zero homes are great investments with plenty of associated benefits, though not just anyone can handle net-zero home constructions. Put simply, if you are not using a certified builder, you will likely get duped. The problem here is that many construction companies will claim to specialize in green homes when in fact they just happen to use recycled materials or can recommend efficient appliances.

Real certified builders come with official credentials and the work to back them up. Never be too shy to ask a home builder to see their certifications. If anything, this means that you are serious and committed to the project. The alternative is an overpriced home that accomplishes none of the eco-friendly tasks you set out for.

Do You Have the Required Building Permits?

Much like with zoning, obtaining the necessary permits actually to start construction on a new green home can be a downright chore. In addition to visiting some regional office and filling out page after page of illegible and incomprehensible paperwork, you will likely have to pay some fees and wait for what seems an eternity before hearing back on whether or not your permits were actually approved. Permits are then usually only issued after government inspectors have carefully reviewed your building plans to see that they are up to local code.


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