Popular Pool Finishes for Pool Remodeling in Scottsdale

Pool Remodeling in ScottsdaleThere is simply nothing better than walking into your backyard to take a relaxing swim when it’s over 100 degrees. But for people that currently have a pool and are looking to complete some pool remodeling in Scottsdale, there are a few cool additions that will really enhance your experience – and can turn your backyard into a place of envy for your friends and neighbors.

Most Popular Pool Remodeling Ideas In Scottsdale

Rocks – Rocks – and More Rocks

If you’ve toured some of the newer homes being built in Scottsdale that have a cool backyard, you’ll notice a common theme – rocks. Whether you have rock that is built surrounding the edges of the pools, or rock-slides or diving ledges that give a natural look and feel to your swimming pool, the fact is that the proper addition of natural – or natural appearing rocks is a great way to spice up your backyard pool. Plus, believe it or not, this is pool remodeling idea is rather inexpensive.

Some of the most popular direct upgrades include that won’t increase your pool remodeling costs include:

  • Adding a faux-rock slide
  • Creating a faux-rock grotto
  • Inserting natural rocks along the edge of the pool

Regardless of what floats your particular boat, add some natural rock formation to your swimming pool remodeling ideas in Scottsdale.

LED Lighting Concepts

A common reality about living in the desert is that it’s sometimes it is too hot to swim outside during the day. That might seem strange, but for those of us that live here – we get it. As such, many people choose to enjoy swimming at night during the summer months. Since this is a popular time to also enjoy backyard parties – why not add some LED lighting to your pool. Several pool renovation projects in Scottsdale include making upgrades to the pool lighting features. This can be done in several ways:

  • Create LED Lighting surrounding your pool.
  • Upgrade the pool lighting to multi-colored LED bulbs that can be programmed for specific light features.
  • Add LED lighting to fountains, waterfalls or streaming water.

By contacting a professional pool renovation company in Scottsdale, you can get lots of tips and suggestions on how to improve the lighting inside and surrounding your pool.

Introduce Fire to the Equation

They say that fire and water don’t mix – we’d beg to differ. Some of the coolest pools in Scottsdale feature fire either surrounding or even sometimes inside their pools. You can work with a pool remodeling expert to customize a safe fire feature including:

  • Adding a fire pit next to your hot tub
  • Adding a fire feature on faux-rock formations
  • Inserting TIKI Torches around your pool

No matter how you choose to spice up your backyard, speak with a professional Scottsdale swimming pool remodelers that offer pool remodeling in Scottsdale before attempting to make any changes yourself. They have the experience and certification to work on electrical, gas and plumbing systems that are associated with swimming pools.


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