5 Things You Must Do Before you Hire a Contractor

things-must-do-hire-residental-contractorWhether you’re needing to fix a wall inside your home or you’re looking to make your home more luxurious, it’s a lot of work to do it yourself. Opening up your home to a residential contractor is a stressful proposition. Without the right contractor, you might fear you’ll be living on a construction site for the next year.

However, the right contractor can get in, get the job done, and get the heck out of your way. All the while, you’ll want to find someone who is personable and listens to you carefully.

To figure out whether a residential contractor is right for you, follow these 5 steps to find a perfect fit.

1. Look At Their Experience

If the contractor has a website, see if you can find projects that are similar to the one you want them to do. If you’re looking to get some archways built, someone who specializes in renovating bathrooms might not be a great fit.

You’ve got the luxury dream home in your head, but can you describe it?

Read any text written so you know the lingo to use when describing what you want. If you’re using the same language, you can limit the space for misunderstanding.

See if they’ve got before and after photos of recent projects. Find someone who has been around long enough to know their grout from their spackle but also someone who stays on top of trends.

2. Check References

Most contractor sites will include some testimonials. These can be helpful but they are also usually the “greatest hits”, leaving out any conflict anyone might have had with the contractor.

If you can’t find references online or on Yelp, ask the contractor directly for some references. Be sure that the references are related to the kind of work you’re planning on getting done.

Search engines are your best friend in this respect. Do some digging and weigh the positives and negatives fairly. You never want to be a part of those renovation horror stories that end up in the news.

3. Measure Their Personality

If a residential contractor wants your business, they should act like it. If you feel uncomfortable with how they talk to you or about your project, you should seek someone else.

You might end up seeing your contractor every day for months on end. If it feels like they’re not listening to you now, will they listen to you six months from now?

Your contractor should be a good listener.

4. Look At Licenses and Insurance

For your financial security and safety, be sure your contractor is licensed and insured. Ask whether anyone they hire are employees or also contracted.

Independent contractors usually need to have their own insurance. Employees are covered by their employer.

This matters to you because any damage done by workers or any accidents they suffer could end up being a headache for you without insurance.

5. Before You Sign

You should have a clear estimate before you sign a contract. You need to have an idea what the budget is, what the schedule is and what kinds of extensions they anticipate.

If they estimate the project will take 3 months, ask what could make it take longer. They should be able to anticipate any problems and be upfront with it.

Be skeptical of any contractor who doesn’t anticipate problems in advance.

Be Sure About Your Residential Contractor

After you’ve ticked off all the boxes, you’re sure to have separated the wheat from the chaff. Having a good contractor who respects your space and your project means that you don’t end up living on a stressful construction site for the next few months.

If you’re still scratching your head about how to find a contractor in Scottsdale, contact us for more information.


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