3 Amazing Benefits of Building a Zero-Net Energy Home

building a Zero-Net energy homeEvery few weeks, homeowners pour over their monthly bills and wonder how they can cut back on their energy costs and consumption. If you’re ready to make some household changes, there is an alternative to living in the traditional home with municipal power. By building a Zero-Net Energy home, your house will produce as much energy as it uses, helping you to save on energy costs and increase your home’s value.

How Zero-Net Energy Homes Work

These types of homes are built with the idea of maximum efficiency in mind. From top to bottom, your professional builders will ensure that the house is airtight, with advanced insulation and the most efficient appliances, lighting and HVAC systems. With a grid-system to collect energy from the sun, combined with efficient appliances, the idea is that your home will produce as much energy as it uses.

There are several elements that go into creating the perfect, zero energy building. For instance, the placement of windows is carefully planned, and ventilation solutions are incorporated into the home to avoid condensation complications. Even the land and position of the home are taken into consideration when using a Zero-Net Energy home builder in Scottsdale.

Three Major Benefits of Building a Zero-Net Energy Home

It seems as if the benefits of owning a Zero-Net Energy home are endless, as energy consumption plays such a large role in the majority of our lives. There are, however, three main benefits to living with home renewable energy systems in your house. The most obvious being that the total cost of homeownership is reduced due to more energy efficient systems.

If you’re more concerned with the long-run, you should know that having an energy efficient home can increase the value of your property. The aesthetics of the traditional home are not lost either, as the solar panels will seamlessly blend in with the roofing. This could produce a higher resale value for your house and bump up your ROI (return on investment).

Lastly, Zero-Net Energy homes are simply more comfortable because the interior temperatures of the house are consistent. Remember those windows we mentioned earlier? Similarly, every part of your home will be strategically planned out for maximum efficiency, which equals maximum comfort as well.

Building an Energy Efficient Home in Scottsdale

Having a custom home built for you and your family in beautiful Scottsdale can be an exciting experience. With a Zero-Net Energy home, you will have the most innovative and futuristic house on the block. Your energy costs will drop, you will feel comfortable in your efficient home and you will enjoy the brand new space that you get to call your very own.


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