Guide to Green Home Energy Efficient Door Installation

Green Home Energy Efficient Door InstallationIt is important today more than ever to invest in energy efficient homes, especially considering that residential electricity use accounts for quite a bit of the greenhouse gas emissions in the world. There are also so many different ways to reduce your carbon footprint that taking steps yourself is pretty easy. A particularly good way to make your home more eco-friendly is by looking into a green home energy efficient door installation.

Energy efficient doors can go a long way in curbing your electricity usage, and they are not as difficult to install as you might think. You can use this simple guide to help learn more.

Find a Suitable R-Value Door

You will ultimately want a door that can best keep your space insulated. The r-value of the door is the specific measurement of how well it insulates and refers to the door’s level of thermal resistance. The higher the r-value of your door, the more energy efficient that door will be. For example, many simple wood doors might have an r-value between two to four while a reinforced or fiberglass door will have an r-value of about ten or twelve.

When you are deciding on a new door in your home, you should keep its r-value in mind and only invest in a door with a high one. You should specifically look for a door with an Energy Star rating from the US Department of Energy.

Choose the Best Placement for Your Door

Where you decide to place the door will have an effect on how energy efficient it is. For example, an exterior door will require a different level of insulation due to outside influences such as wind and rain. On the other hand, you will need a specialty door to handle interior air pressures, including from HVAC systems.

Seal Properly Around the Door

Having selected a door with a high r-value rating and Energy Star label, and having carefully selected where your new door will be placed, you then have to deal with the actual installation process. This is when it becomes critically important to have a Phoenix Arizona Net-Zero home building specialists on your side, because if the door and its materials are not sealed properly, the r-value and placement will not matter.

Learn More About Net-Zero Energy Homes

Installing an energy efficient door is only a part of a larger plan to make your home eco-friendlier. The fight, however, does not end there. You can look to invest in energy efficient windows as well as potential solar power systems. The ultimate goal is to eliminate your negative impacts on the environment while making your home self-sustaining.

A local professional will be able to help you achieve the energy efficiency you are looking for with your home. With years of knowledge and experience, they will guide you towards purchasing the perfect doors for your house.


Contact the Net-Zero Energy home building experts at Peak One Builders & Restoration to learn more about creating a custom cutting-edge green home. Request a free estimate or call 480-378-0611 now!


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