Net-Zero Home Builders in Scottsdale, AZ [Hiring Checklist]

Net-Zero Home Builders in Scottsdale AZEvery experienced homeowner knows how important it is to do your research before selecting a home builder. This process is doubly important when you are thinking about building a Net-Zero energy home. Constructing a Net-Zero energy home is a much different process than building a traditional home, which is why you need a hiring checklist to consult before you decide on the right builder for you. Keep reading to learn the qualifications that you should look for when you’re trying to find the best Net-Zero Home Builders in Scottsdale AZ.

Experience Great Savings with Net-Zero Homes

Building Net-Zero homes come with many benefits that you may not be aware of if you’ve never experienced one for yourself. Primarily, people choose Net-Zero homes for their extreme efficiency. In fact, Net-Zero homes are so energy efficient, it is likely that you will see the end of energy bills once you move into your new home. Additionally, Net-Zero houses are extremely environmentally friendly because they function through the use of renewable resources in order to offset energy consumption. As you can see, these types of homes are great for those who are concerned with saving money and practicing conservation.

Hire a Builder That is Certified

Just like with traditional homes, you want to make sure you find the right builder for your Net-Zero house. You should be certain that whoever you hire is a certified Net-Zero builder. Certified builders will have the knowledge needed to construct your Net-Zero home in a way that complies with the standards set out by the Environmental Protection Agency. If you don’t make sure your builder is certified, then you are risking your home being improperly built, which could prevent it earning the Net-Zero designation. Always ask to see proof of certification before making any hiring decisions.

Make Sure Your Builder Understands the Net-Zero Building Process

Experience is the most important attribute that a home builder should possess. You don’t want to hire someone that does not know their profession inside and out. The process of building a Net-Zero home is so intricate, you want to know that the person you hire has experience building this type of home. The best way to ensure that your home builder understands the process of constructing a Net-Zero home is by having them explain the whole thing to you from start to finish. If they can clearly describe the process, then they should be able to handle your construction job.

Ask for Referrals Before Hiring

Almost every type of job in the world requires that it’s employees undergo a background check. You can employ a similar tactic to make sure you’re hiring the right home builder by asking for referrals. A home builder that can provide home building referrals from past customers proves that they are trustworthy and experienced enough to handle your construction job. Without referrals, it’s impossible to know if a home builder is qualified enough to work for you.

Choose a Company with a Long Reputation of Service

Everyone has heard nightmare stories about someone hiring a fly by night home builder. While hiring a new home builder can be enticing, it is better to make sure that whoever you hire has been in the business of home building for a long time. Home building companies that have an expansive history and resulting reputation are more likely to build your Net-Zero home quickly, professionally and at the price that you want.

Check Off Every Mark on Your List

Employing a hiring checklist makes sure that you are always getting the perfect company to build your home. Certified Arizona Net-Zero home builders will possess the experience, knowledge and professionalism needed to build your home in the way that you want. Once you find the company that hits every mark, hire them right away so that you can experience the huge savings of living in a Net-Zero home.


Contact the Net-Zero Energy home building experts at Peak One Builders & Restoration to learn more about creating a custom cutting-edge green home. Request a free estimate or call 480-378-0611 now!


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