How Long Does It Take to Build a Net-Zero Energy Home?

How Long Does It Take to Build a Net-Zero Energy HomeA net-zero energy home poses many benefits to the average individual or family, chief among them being lower greenhouse emissions and reducing energy consumption. As a result, constructing these specialized homes is becoming much more popular as the years go by, and odds are, someone you know is already starting to lean towards a new installation themselves. Building net-zero homes is not always easy, however, and it’s best to get a professional to help you with the transition. Read on to learn the answers to the question, “How long does it take to build a net-zero energy home?”

If you’re specifically trying to find custom Scottsdale net-zero energy home builders, give Peak One Builders a chance. At the very least we can advise you on different methods of energy-saving construction until we’ve found just the right one for you and your budget. You just have to accept that sometimes the process can take time.

Exactly How Much Time Are You Looking At?

Building a net-zero energy home can be time-consuming for a reason—in effect, you’re setting up an entirely new energy system. If you’re wondering how long does it take to build a net-zero energy home, you have to first recognize that the answer is relative to your specific project. For the most part, these kinds of jobs can take up to six to eight months, though it could take longer or shorter depending on the scale. It’s just important to accept that making your home 100% energy efficient and cost effective demands time.

Find a Certified Net-Zero Energy Builder

After you’ve committed to building a net-zero energy home, you’ll need to find someone who can actually accomplish the job. Peak One Builders is a great choice for the Scottsdale area, but for those living elsewhere, you’ll want to be wary before hiring a company to look at your remodel. If you can’t check their credentials or see past work, you should avoid them.

Plans and Permits Take Time

Energy efficient home building is a major project that requires necessary approvals. After all, you’re stepping on a lot of municipal toes when deciding to totally revamp your energy system, and getting your plans and permits cleared can be quite a headache. Therefore, when going into this process, keep in mind that much of your time will be spent waiting on bureaucrats.

Building the Home is No Small Task

Once you’ve found the right custom home builders and gotten the correct clearances, then comes the monumental task of actually constructing your new home. For obvious reasons, this may take a while, especially if you’re starting from scratch. Most of your time will go into this stage of the process, so be prepared. Just bear in mind that when everything is said and done, you’ve got a quality new energy efficient home to hopefully keep with you forever.


Contact the Net-Zero Energy home building experts at Peak One Builders & Restoration to learn more about creating a custom cutting-edge green home. Request a free estimate or call 480-378-0611 now!


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