Most Desirable Appliances for Scottsdale Kitchen Remodeling

Scottsdale Kitchen RemodelingIt’s very typical in Scottsdale kitchen remodeling to add the latest and greatest kitchen appliances that will simplify home living. But, along with adding kitchen cabinets in Scottsdale and other ‘cool’ items comes the importance of finding ways to conserve energy as well. It’s no secret that energy consumption pricing is increasing, not to mention a desire to reduce our footprint. This is why many home owners that start a new kitchen remodeling in Scottsdale Az consider energy efficiency above style and function.

Here are a few items that are quickly building momentum in most new kitchen remodeling jobs in Scottsdale homes.

The Stove-Over Water Supply

In the recent Parade of Homes in St George, Utah, there was a house that featured a stove-over water supply that made filling up your cooking pots a breeze. How cool is that? Well, believe it or not, it’s not a brand new concept. But it does make navigating your kitchen much easier.

Adding New Cabinets

It’s often a given that adding kitchen cabinets in Scottsdale is the part of any kitchen remodeling project. However, the style and function of today’s newest cabinets are truly out of this world. Some of the coolest new cabinet features include:

  • Automated Cabinets. With a simple touch on the outside of your cabinet you could have easy access to get anything you need. When you need to close it, simply touch the close button on the inside and it does the work for you. In fact, there are some advanced kitchen cabinets that will automatically close for you when you walk away.
  • Flat Panel Cabinets. Another growing trend in kitchen cabinetry is the addition of flat panel cabinets that are common in modern style kitchens. This clean feature is great for older homes and for those looking for a modern look – without having to spend a ton of money.

Energy Efficient Refrigerators and Freezers

Also growing in popularity in many new kitchen upgrade projects in Scottsdale is the inclusion of energy efficient refrigeration and freezer products. Energy Star® rated appliances have been around for quite a long time, but some of the newest refrigerator / freezer options coming out taken energy efficiency to another level. In fact, many of these systems consume about 60% of the energy they once did. Speak with your home remodeling expert about the best possible refrigerator and freezer options for your new kitchen design in Scottsdale.

Matching Countertops with Cabinetry?

There has always been a school of thought that suggests that you should always offset your kitchen cabinets with your granite countertops in Scottsdale. However, looking at some of the newest homes built, a growing trend is to match colors throughout your kitchen. This is very common with darker color patterns, where the cabinets are dark wood and the countertops are dark granite. This doesn’t really do anything for energy efficiency, but perhaps it adds something unique to consider.

Any Scottsdale kitchen remodeling project should always incorporate your ideas, concepts and realistic budgetary restrictions. Take some time to visit a Parade of Homes, or visit new model homes to get ideas about growing trends – and what kitchen appliances are starting to show up more common than others.

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