Do I Need Special Net-Zero Energy Home Building Permits?

Net-Zero energy home building permitsHomeowners across the country are putting an increased emphasis on making their homes as energy efficient as possible. Not only does energy efficiency save a good deal of money, but it is also environmentally friendly. Net-Zero energy homes provide the most energy efficiency possible by using renewable energy to almost completely make up for annual energy consumption. If you’re considering building a Net-Zero energy home, then you might be interested in the regulations involved in the construction process. Read on to learn about Net-Zero energy home building permits, and how to get one for your Net-Zero home.

Learn the Purpose of Building Permits

When you apply for a building permit, you are asking for permission from your local government to build a home. Before the home construction process can begin, you must comply with all the regulations that your local government has instituted to be approved for a building permit. Because the construction process is different from building normal homes, green home building permits comprise various regulations that are meant to reduce environmental impacts as much as possible. If you want to reduce your environmental and energy impact by building an energy efficient home, then it is integral to comply with all of your local building codes so you will be granted a permit.

Acquiring Net-Zero Certification

Building these energy homes is a very intricate process and since it can be very difficult to make sure that your energy consumption is offset with renewable energy sources, Net-Zero certification can be very hard to attain without the proper guidance. In addition to complying with regulations set by the Environmental Protection Agency in order for your home to qualify as a Net-Zero home, you may also be required to acquire a building permit by adhering to your state’s rules for building a green home. Every state has their own requirements for building energy efficient homes, so it is best to consult your state’s regulatory board before beginning construction.

Consult Your Home Builder to Comply with Regulations

There’s no such thing as a stupid question, so if you’re still confused as to whether or not you need a building permit before you start construction on your Net-Zero energy home, then you should make sure to ask your home builder to help you out. Most home builders have intricate knowledge of how to acquire building permits for every type of home you could build, including Net-Zero energy homes. Receiving guidance from your home builder ensures that you will get the permits that you need to build your energy efficient home in the quickest manner possible.

Hire a Certified Builder for Your Home

Deciding to build a Net-Zero energy homes prove your commitment to both conservation and saving as much money as possible. Because Net-Zero homes entail a different building process than a traditional home, it is important that you only consider certified Scottsdale Net-Zero builders to handle your construction job. The right home builder makes the process of acquiring permits and building your energy efficient home as easy and affordable as possible. With a Net-Zero home built by a great home builder, you’ll save more money than you could have ever possibly imagined.


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