Cutting Edge North Scottsdale Residential Renovation Trends

North-Scottsdale-Residential-Renovation Style preferences come and go, but true innovation is always here to stay. When looking at the latest home technology, new ideas can influence design trends in ways that will make you never want to look back.

Case in point, these three cutting edge trends in home renovations are transforming more than just the look of their house. They give the homeowner new levels of enjoyment and utility from their spaces. Marvel at these state-of-the-art home features and consider whether they could add extra value to your North Scottsdale residential renovation:

Solar Tubes

The technology behind solar tubes may seem mundane — reflective materials coat the inside of a cylinder installed in your roof to carry natural daylight into your home. However, these products have been progressing by leaps and bounds since first introduced to the market.

Now, solar tubes have advanced to achieve better reflective properties both through their light-capturing exterior domes and through the tubes the light must travel. Ingenious designs even allow this light to be carried around fixtures like rafters and across great distances. What all these improvements mean is that solar tubes are now able to bring bright, natural daylight into more areas of your home than ever before.

The benefits are manifold. First, natural daylight has a vibrant aesthetic quality that is hard to match. Second, using sunlight saves money over electrical lighting. Third, sunlight can combat vitamin D deficiencies and seasonal affective disorders, improving your mood and energy throughout the year.

Most impressive of all, new solar tube designs can incorporate low-energy LED lighting to provide bright, warm light both day and night.

Toe Kick Lighting

Using strips of ultra-bright LED lights, toe kick lighting systems add dramatic effects to home spaces. They are installed underneath cabinets, islands and other such fixtures to create a mesmerizing under glow.

Incorporated within a home lighting system, toe kick lights can add new depth of color and eliminate shadows that stem from overhead lighting. By themselves, toe kick lighting can ensure high visibility that prevents accidents or colliding into objects, especially when at night when other lights are off.

Vitamin C Infused Showers

Contrary to what immediately pops into mind, vitamin C showers are not intended to give you some sort of supplement bath to boost immunity. Instead, these systems are designed to infuse incoming shower water with vitamin C-heavy ascorbic acid. The purpose is to actually take something else out of the water: chlorine.

By removing the chlorine that comes from treated municipal water supplies, the negative effects on skin and hair can be diminished. Just like with pools that switch from chlorinated systems to non- or low-chlorine systems, your skin will be less dry, your hair less frizzy and you will not have that lingering chlorine smell.

Have a Skilled Scottsdale Home Renovator Install These Amazing Systems and More

Systems like these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the incredible home features a North Scottsdale remodeling contractor can add. When planning your home renovation project, locate a contractor who is capable of installing the latest trends like these with a level of quality and craftsmanship that you can trust.


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