Turn Your Yard Into An Oasis With The Most Popular Backyard Makeovers in Scottsdale

Anybody living in Scottsdale understands the value of a nice backyard. However, trying to come up with an affordable backyard makeover in Scottsdaleand stylistic backyard makeover in Scottsdale AZ can be very complex and difficult. However, thanks to those awesome home improvement shows, like Yard Crashers for example; many home owners are starting to integrate some of these ideas into their backyard improvement projects.

As such, here are three of the most popular backyard makeover ideas that will enhance the overall look and function of your backyard in Scottsdale – without breaking the bank.

First – Consider Spicing-Up the Flooring with Concrete Cover-Up

Anybody that has the plain – Jane basic concrete slab poured in their backyard can easily enhance the look – and function of their backyards by integrating some clever and cost effective concrete cover-ups. There are two really easy ways that any home owner can bring some life into your traditional concrete patio:

  • First, use some masonry stain to ‘color’ your concrete with some earth tone colors (like deep brown or honey). You can get creative by adding some patterns, (like checkerboard patterns or diagonal patterns).
  • Second, apply some slate tiles over the plain concrete. These types of tiles are very easy to apply with thin mortar products (like Versabond for example).

The primary mission here is to add some color or depth to your flooring that will enhance the overall look and feel of your backyard without compromising comfort or having to do too many detailed improvements that take tons of time, resources, talent and money to accomplish.

Second – Add a Trellis or Pergola

Another popular trend popping up in backyards across Scottsdale is the addition of pergola’s and trellis. You often see a trellis as the entry way to luxurious gardens or parks – so why not incorporate these easy to install items in your backyard? There are several home improvement stores that sell ‘easy to assemble trellis’ or prefabricated trellis. It’s best to place these centrally in your back yard – so people will see it as a focal point when they enter the back yard. Adding some vine or plants to either side of the trellis is also a great idea to enhance the look of this very easy and affordable backyard enhancement.

The addition of Pergola’s to Scottsdale AZ backyards is also growing. For those that don’t know, a pergola is a cubed shaped structure that traditionally is placed over a patio or deck to provide some shade – without completely blocking the sun. Just like a trellis, a pergola is rather easy to install – but you might want to seek the advice of a Scottsdale remodeling contractor to be on the safe side.

Third – Add Vertical Enhancements to your Backyard Makeover in Scottsdale

Finally, regardless of what other enhancements you choose to incorporate into your backyard makeover project, it’s always best to find affordable ways of increasing depth. This is where integrating vertical designs, plants, rocks or other items provide this added dimension to a backyard. Believe it or not, simply adding a few large boulders to your backyard can significantly improve the overall look. Plus, they take up space and add some character to your backyard. Colorful plants and shrubs are also very simple and affordable ways of adding some ‘height’ to your level backyards in Scottsdale.

Regardless of what you choose to do – get creative with your backyard makeover in Scottsdale. But as with any other project, always set a budget first – before you start to buy. And as always, if you require some professional help; don’t hesitate to contact experienced home improvement specialists to receive their ideas or a free quote for a truly customized backyard enhancement

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