Scottsdale Custom Home Builder Trends Are Going Green

Scottsdale Custom Home Builder Being environmentally friendly is no longer a state of mind. With our natural resources depleting at alarming rates, it has become more critical than ever to be conscious about the materials that a Scottsdale custom home builder uses in construction. Fortunately, many of these custom home builders are led by proactive thinking people that have a head start on ensuring every home they build is ‘clean and green’.

Here are a few of the newest trends that a custom luxury home builder in Scottsdale will use to make sure your new home is energy efficient for several years.

Ideas for Building A More Energy Efficiency Home In Scottsdale

Whether you’re planning to build a custom home in Scottsdale or upgrade your existing one, most of the professional home builders in the Phoenix area are placing a focus on making homes more energy efficient – throughout the entire building process. Here are a few ways they accomplish this feat:

  • Using computer-aided design (CAD) to assemble blue prints. Technology is great for several reasons, but when it comes to building a new custom home, today’s advanced computer programs provide custom home builders in Scottsdale the luxury of creating blueprints and home designs that focus on energy efficiency. This includes integrating precise measurements (to reduce air gaps, leaks, and even over-purchasing materials), using rounded advanced mathematic equations to form fit each wall, beam, window, door and roofing and several other techniques vital to keeping a home sealed from the elements.
  • Using energy efficient materials in the construction phase. The best custom home builders will then incorporate the right materials that are designed to keep your home energy efficient. This includes using recycled materials whenever possible; in addition, using the materials that won’t draw in too much heat from the extreme temperatures we get during most of the year in Scottsdale.
  • Completing load calculations for HVAC equipment. Today’s custom home builder will also make sure that your entire home comfort system is precisely tuned for maximum comfort. Especially in the Valley of the sun it’s really critical that our HVAC system is set up in the most efficient manner. This will ensure you’re consuming the least amount of natural resources to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Using energy efficient appliances. When you work with a customized luxury home builder in Scottsdale, they’ll work with you during the entire home building process. This also includes picking the right major appliances inside your home. They’ll make sure that you get what you want – for comfort and usability, but they will also help you pick a unit that consumes less energy. Most of these are classified as Energy Star® rated major appliances, but there are several advanced systems that can – and often will save you a ton of money on monthly utility bills when they are installed and positioned correctly.
  • Integrating low-voltage lighting and natural light sources. If you’ve ever visited a recent Parade of Homes, you’ll notice that a growing trend in home construction is the use of skylights and open window concepts in the interior and exterior décor. Although too many windows in a hot weather climate like Arizona can be a negative in the summer, smart custom home builders will use a delicate balance of open concept with easy to use window coverings that will reduce direct sunlight and keep the home cooler during summer seasons.

It’s critical that custom home builders in Scottsdale area begin with the end in sight. Since reducing energy consumption is the best way to make a home ‘green’ the smart home builders do everything they can to save energy for their clients. When you’re looking to build a new home, work with a Scottsdale custom home builder that will ensure your custom house is ‘green’ from top to bottom.


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