Understanding the Roles of General Contractors in Phoenix AZ

General Contractors in Phoenix AZThey are valuable members of the service community, but many people often wonder what do general contractors in Phoenix Az actually do on a daily basis? Well, to be completely honest, there isn’t a black and white; cookie cutter answer to this question. In fact, it’s very common that general contractors specialize in a few different industries. In order to simplify this question and give you facts that will allow you to understand what these hard working people do for a living, here are a few basics about the general contractors that service the Phoenix area.

What does a General Contractor Do?

A general contractor is a licensed and certified expert that provides construction related services to both residential and / or commercial customers. They are licensed by the State of Arizona and must maintain a positive relationship with the State in order to maintain their GC certification. Many general contractors specialize in services including:

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Drywall
  • Roofing
  • Exterior

However, a general contractor can and often does provide all of these services to their customers.

What’s Unique about Residential General Contractors in Phoenix?

A residential GC is somebody that is either solely licensed to be a residential general contractor or they choose to specialize in this field of service. There are different code enforcement requirements for residential homes in Phoenix, and it’s the responsibility of a general contractor to ensure all phases of construction are adhering to these regulations. As such, when home owners look to hire a GC, they typically look to retain the services of residential general contractors in Phoenix.

How are Commercial General Contractors in Phoenix Unique?

As we stated above, there is a difference between commercial and residential contractors. The commercial specialists typically focus their services on commercial construction projects in Phoenix, Arizona. There are different certification standards for being a commercial general contractor than residential – however, the contractors that typically choose this specialty will focus their efforts solely in this industry and don’t typically cross over to residential home construction.

How Does A General Contractor Increase Efficiency & Convenience?

The benefits of hiring a general contractor is usually done help simplify the project, increase efficiency of the project, or for simply convenience. A GC will save a lot of time coordinating multiple trades, suppliers, and a lot of headache and aggravation. They also have to take liability for the entire project. There is a cost associated with all of these advantages, usually about 15-20% overall based on the complexity of the contract.

What is the Cost to Hire a General Contractor?

Just as diverse as the types of general contractors is the cost of hiring them. The benefit of hiring an experienced general contractor is that they will end up costing you a lot less money in the long run. The reason for this is due to their experience and dedication to producing quality results. You can be certain that when you work with a licensed general contractor in Phoenix, you’ll be getting the right person to take care of any construction project you might have.


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