Try These 3 Exciting Outdoor Living Ideas In Phoenix Arizona


backyard living ideas in arizonaSpending time outdoors is one of the perks of Arizona living. Whether it’s a hike in the local mountains, or taking time to entertain friends and family in your backyard –it’s common that Phoenix-area residents have a desire to enhance their experiences. However, there are some outdoor living ideas in Phoenix that work better than others. Either due to financial reasons or extreme weather we get in the Valley of the Sun; these three outdoor upgrades that are certainly to succeed.

Outdoor Living Idea #1 – Installing a Fire Feature

installing a fire feature in ArizonaOne of the best backyard upgrade projects that tends to show up across the Phoenix metro area is the inclusion of fire pits. The reality of living in Arizona suggests that most people tend to spend the majority of their time indoors during the daylight hours for half of the year. However, at night, Arizona homeowners enjoy heading to the backyards for some relaxation, fresh air and socializing with friends. It’s for this primary reason that most backyard upgrade projects will include some sort of fire feature.

There are several ways you can incorporate a bit of ‘flame’ into your outdoor living spaces including:

  • Adding tiki torches along walkways of your backyard
  • Installing a natural gas-fueled fire feature
  • Including a fire pit and social area filled with soft sand in your backyard

When installed by a professional remodeling contractor, a fire feature can really liven up your outdoor living space; plus it can also provide some added warmth during the colder winter and early spring evenings if you want to spend time outdoors all year long.

Outdoor Living Idea #2 – Adding a Covered Patio or a Pergola

backyard construction in azSince Phoenix gets a lot of sun, finding a way to provide some shade is a vital addition of enjoyable outdoor living. However, when many areas of the United States can add pop-up shade tents or umbrellas, this option isn’t very practical for the extreme weather we get in Arizona. Most ‘portable’ or lightweight shades tend to wear out quickly when forced to withstand the extreme heat. However, we also get tons of wind in the desert as well – which also can rip and destroy these pop-up umbrellas.

The solution to this problem is to install a solid structure; like a covered patio or a pergola – designed to provide some shade if you want to spend time outdoors during the daylight hours. Many backyards in Arizona have some sort cover over the patio – so if you’re looking to spice up your backyard, make sure you have a professional install a covered patio or stylistic pergola.

Outdoor Living Idea #3 – A Water Feature

backyard water fall in azThis idea simply makes sense when living in Phoenix. Having a mister, splash pad, swimming pool or hot tub included in any outdoor living space is a great way to cool off in the Arizona heat. However, some water features are better than others. For swimming pools, consider installing a salt-water pool – as you’ll spend much less on maintenance and upkeep compared to traditional chlorinated pools. It’s also a great idea to install a misting system on your covered patio – to provide your guests with a light spritz of water to cool their jets. Also increasing in popularity are small water features like waterfalls in rock formations. Not only is this visually pleasing, but it’s also a great way to add some relaxing ambiance to your outdoor living space.

Regardless of what type of outdoor living ideas you might have, the key is to find a home remodeling in Phoenix Arizona that will provide affordable and practical ways of making your ideas a reality. Always spend some time researching any idea before spending money on installation. Consider the cost of installing, upkeep and whether or not it can handle and hold up to the extreme weather elements we get in the Valley of the Sun.

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