How to Live Through a Carefree Living Room Remodel

Carefree living room remodelRemodeling a living room in your carefree home can sometimes feel anything but care free. Since the living room often anchors the flow of a home’s architecture, having it rendered unusable for several weeks or longer at a time can feel like your home has been fractured. Inconvenience can give way to frustration.

While having home renovations can sometimes be a burden, maintaining a positive mental outlook becomes crucial to not letting it detract from your quality of life. If you are having trouble adjusting to life during a Carefree living room remodel, consider following these three suggestions for getting through it.

Seal Off the Area

One of the first priorities should be to take measures to seal off the area. Doing so provides immediate physical benefits as well as less obvious mental ones.

Foremost, sealing out an area prevents dust from intruding into other sections of the house. Contracting work naturally kicks up a lot of dust from sawing, sanding and general installation of new materials. Daily work for contractors may also require them to enter and exit the area frequently, increasing the odds that work dust can spread. Ask contractors to do everything they can to separate work areas from living areas. You can add to their efforts by hanging up your own temporary plastic doorways that seal out the area even further.

The secondary benefit of sealing off the area is that it prevents you from dwelling on fact that the space is unusable. Like a cut under a bandage or a broken arm in a cast, obsessing about it will not make the process go any faster. Blocking out the areas can help you refocus your mind on other things.

Focus on What the Finished Results Will Look Like

Leading off the last point, rather than thinking about the temporary inconvenience of your Carefree living room remodel, consider the lasting positive results that your project will bring. Hang up a copy of any design drawings you were given, and begin thinking about ways in which you will enhance your new living room, such as considering new fabric choices for furniture upholstery. Doing so will keep your thought process positive and prevent you from getting overwhelmed about factors you have limited control over.

Leave Town for a Few Days

As Pulp Fiction’s Mia Wallace pointed out, returning from a restaurant bathroom to see that your food is ready is a great feeling.

Use this same effect to your advantage by finding an excuse to take a vacation or leave town for a few days during your remodel. Doing so will help you unwind from any stress you have been experiencing and allow you to “reset” your thoughts. Plus, removing yourself from the situation momentarily will help defuse the tension you may have been experiencing.

Best of all, you get to come home and see the progress that has been made. Even if your project is not yet finished, you can have renewed appreciation for where it is going — not to mention appreciation for the parts of the house that are not being renovated.

Keep Your Eyes on the Goal and You’ll Make It Through!

Following these above suggestions will not completely eliminate your stress during a living room renovation, but it can help you regain perspective and think rationally about how it will all be worth it in the end. Of course, having a Carefree remodeling contractor that makes the process easier through their courtesy and professionalism never hurts!


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