Benefits of Custom Residential Construction in Carefree

custom residential construction in CarefreeGetting a new home is one of the most exciting times in your life. There’s nothing quite like walking into that building for the first time, breathing in the air, and knowing that this place is yours. It’s a new space to decorate and make your own. It’s even more exciting when you’ve had the home built from the ground up, and it’s genuinely, truly yours. Discover the benefits of custom residential construction in Carefree, so you can start the exciting process of making your dream home a reality.

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How Often Should I Renovate My Kitchen?

How often should I renovate my kitchenHome remodeling projects are a popular thing and gaining in popularity every day. From a basic desire to change up your style to adding value to your home for a pending sale, the reasons to do so are many. As spring progresses and we’re well into remodeling season, many people wonder if there’s a timeframe during which they should undertake this kind of project. Discover the answer to the question “how often should I renovate my kitchen,” and learn how to find the very best home improvement service for the job. Read more

Handyman vs General Contractor: A Home Repair Hiring Guide

Handyman vs. General ContractorLet’s face it: your needs as a homeowner vary wildly from project to project and day to day. You may be dreaming about doing a new kitchen or bathroom remodeling job, but on the other hand, you may have small plumbing projects or minor fixes that have to be taken care of right now. Of course, when issues from minor repairs to major overhauls arise, you want the very best person for the job.

This begs the question: do you hire a handyman or a general contractor? Learn how to determine when to hire a handyman vs. general contractor, and where to find the best service for your home improvement needs. Read more

What’s the Cost of Building a Luxury Home in Cave Creek?

Cost of building a luxury home in Cave CreekBuilding a new luxury home can be one of the most exciting experiences you can have. Watching your dream home take shape from an empty lot is thrilling, and can be the realization of something you’ve wanted for many years.

However, before you even get started there are a lot of things to take into account, not the least of which is what it will cost you to create that new house from scratch. Learn about the cost of building a luxury home in Cave Creek, how to calculate expenses, and where to get the best services for your new home build. Read more

Scottsdale Custom Home Building Process [5 Crucial Steps]

Scottsdale Custom Home Building ProcessThere are more and more people every day who are turning away from the old buy-and-renovate approach to building their own, truly custom home from the ground up. The reasons for doing this are many and multiform. With a custom home you’re getting the house of your dreams, built exactly to your specifications, and it’ll be a place you can love with all your heart.

You never really have to settle with a custom build. You can design exactly what you want and be assured that you didn’t get “almost the perfect place.” However, before you undertake your Scottsdale custom home building process, there are crucial steps you have to take. Let’s examine the most important things to do, to build your dream home. Read more

Ensuite Bathroom Renovation Trends in Paradise Valley

Ensuite bathroom renovationDo you have an ensuite bathroom you’re looking to renovate? Do you want to add one on? Are you curious as to what exactly an ensuite bathroom is? As with any home remodeling project, there are current trends that people latch onto for good reason.

Of course, it all comes down to your space. Is it a new bathroom or existing space? Is it a small bathroom or a large one? The possibilities are endless, and just looking at existing trends can provide a wealth of ideas for the direction you want to take. Check out a few current trends in ensuite bathroom renovation across Paradise Valley, and decide which ones are best for your new design! Read more

Build up or Build out? Adding an Addition to a Home

Adding an addition to a homeOne of the largest and most involved remodeling projects you can undertake is adding an entire new section onto your home. Far more than just changing the layout and look of a single room, adding an addition will add total square footage onto your home. It will involve one or more new rooms, and will, if done properly, increase the value of your home.

The kicker is this: many people assume that an addition means adding something onto the front, side or back of your home and increasing square feet that way. In truth, you can often get a lot out of adding to the top of your home instead of the sides. Read about adding an addition to a home, whether you should build up or out, and how to get the best results for utility and value. Read more